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Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

Audiological Services

Hearing Screening:

Neonatal hearing screening is carried out to identify babies who are at risk for hearing loss. Babies visiting the pediatric department as well as babies born in the gynecology department of Bharati Hopsital who are on high risk register are screened using OAE recording and behavioral observations for assessing their hearing status. Auditory brainstem responses are recorded from babies who do not pass the screening test.

Hearing Evaluation:

Hearing evaluation, for children and adults, is carried out using a battery of tests. The test battery used for adults include pure-tone audiometry, speech audiometry, immittance evaluation, auditory brainstem responses and otoacoustic emissions. Special behavioral tests which include Glycerol test, SISI, TDT are carried out whenever indicated. Children are evaluated using behavioral observation audiometry, visual reinforcement audiometry, and auditory brainstem response and otoacoustic emissions. Special tests are carried out for assessment and management of auditory processing disorders. Tinnitus evaluation and management is done for those with the complaint of tinnitus. Complete vestibular test battery including VEMP and VNG are carried out for those with the complaint of giddiness/vertigo.

Aural Rehabilitation:

Hearing aid trial and fitting is carried out for those who do not benefit from medical/surgical management. Both analogue and digital hearing aids of different types and companies are available for trial purposes. Hearing aid trial is carried out using functional gain measurement and/or insertion gain measurement. Aided LLR is carried out to check the usefulness of the hearing aids in difficult-to-test population.

Evaluations are also carried out to select individuals who would benefit from cochlear implantation. Cochlear implant unit started during the year 2008 has facilities for intra-operative NRT, mapping and post cochlear implant rehabilitation.

Audiology Audiology
Audiology Audiology
Audiology Audiology
Audiology Audiology
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