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Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

Outreach activities

Out reach services are provided in Pune to cater to the needs of individuals who can not avail of services at the college premises. Services are provided to special schools. Speech & Hearing screening Camps are also conducted regularly.

Kamayani School for Mentally Challenged : This is a renowned school for children who are intellectually challenged. The school has pre-primary section for young children to a vocational unit for adults with intellectual impairment. Assessment of speech and language skills is carried out and therapies are conducted at the school. Teachers are made aware of the semantic, syntactic and pragmatic goals which can be incorporated in the classroom. Group work is modeled to the teachers.

Arkins Home School for children with Autism : This school is based on a novel concept of empowering the mothers of children with autism. The school has limited number of children as it accepts only those children whose mothers can be with their children in school. The staff and students of BV (DU) SASLP assess the children with autism for speech, language and communication skills, formulate programs and conduct therapy

Dwidal Rehabilitation Centre : This centre provides services to children with multiple disabilities, primarily children with cerebral palsy. The staff and students of BV (DU) SASLP assess the children for speech, language, communication and feeding skills, formulate the feeding and/or speech-language program, carry out therapy and train the special educators to carry over the plan during the rest of the week.

The college also runs outreach extension services in rural areas in collaboration with the Bharati Hospital. A vast majority of our disabled population is spread out in the rural areas. Community outreach health programs for screening, diagnosis and management of diseases and/or disorders is done by cost effective intervention methods. The students get exposure to conduct screening, diagnosis and management of those with speech-language and hearing disorders.
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