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Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

Published Papers

International Journals:

a) 2012:
  1. Vijay Kumar Narne and C.S Vanaja Speech Identification with temporal and spectral modifications in subjects with Auditory Neuropathy, ISRN Otolaryngology, Vol 2012.
b) 2013:
  1. Vidya Ramkumar, James Hall, Roopa Nagarajan, C.S Vanaja and Selvakumar kumarvelu ,Tele - ABR using a satellite connection in a mobile van for new - born hearing testing, Journal of telemedicine and tele –care,Vol 19,Issue:5
c) 2014:
  1. Namita Joshi and Bhushan Jirgale ,Acoustical and perceptual analysis of voice projection in Marathi speaking actors, Journal of Laryngology and Voice, Vol 3,Issue:2
d) 2015:
  1. Asha Yathiraj and C.S. Vanaja, Age Related Changes in Auditory Processes in Children aged 6 to 10 years, International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, Vol 79, Issue no.8.
  2. Ms.Sneha Ambekar ,Namita Joshi and Nikita Kirane, Acoustic Analysis of Voice of Individuals with Different Prakurti, International Ayurvedic Medical Journal,Vol.3, Issue no.5.
  3. Nilanshu Sood,Namita Joshi and Nidhi Sharma, Pre-reading Skills in Hindi Speaking Children between 3 to 6 Years, Language in India, Vol 15, Issue no.8.
  4. Mrs. Namita Joshi, Nidhi Sharma and Nilanshu Sood, Curriculum-based Language Skills in Hindi for Students between 12 to 15 Years of Age, Language in India, Vol 15, Issue no.8.
e) 2016:
  1. Sharda Sarda and C.S Vanaja, Correlating two questionnaires: Vestibular activities and participation (VAP) and Dizziness handicap inventory (DHI), Journal of Hearing Science,Vol.5, Issue no.4.
  2. Namita Amey Joshi and C.S. Vanaja, Checklist to screen Children with Reading Difficulty (CSRD) for Classroom Teachers, Languages in India, Vol.16, Issue no.1.
  3. Neha Tiwari, Namita Joshi, Kiran Marathe and Yumlembam Pushparanidevi, Oro-Motor Speech (OMS) and Total Language Score (TLS) in Children with Stuttering (CWS) and Children with No Stuttering (CWNS), Languages in India, Vol.16, Issue no.1.
  4. C.S.Vanaja and Khandelwal Nimisha, Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials in Persons using Hearing Aids, ISRN Otolaryngology, Vol 2, Issue no.3.
  5. Ramkumar.V, Selvakumar, Vanaja C.S.,Hall JW, Nagarajan R and Neethi J, Parents Perceptions of tele-audiological testing in a rural hearing screening program in south India, International Journal of Peadiatric Otolaryngology, Vol 89.

National Journals:

a) 2011:
  1. Singh Kumar Niraj, Sarda Sharada , Sinha Sachidanand, Shivajirao Tamsekar Sulochana, Test retest reliability of ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potentials, Journal of All India Institute of Speech & Hearing.
b) 2014:
  1. Sarda Sharda, Bhat Swati, Vanaja.C.S , Variation in the gaze, caloric test and vestibular-evoked myogenic potential with advancing age, Indian Journal of Otology.
c) 2015:
  1. Martin Christy & Sarda Sharda, Tinnitus reaction index: A measure to assess quality of life in individuals with tinnitus, Journal of All India Institute of Speech and Hearing
  2. Kothari Shreya & Chand Mall Rohini, Assessment of quality of life in individuals with dysphagia: A questionnaire in Marathi, Journal of All India Institute of Speech and Hearing.
d) 2016:
  1. Tak Seth Raunak Henna , Waknis Pushkar Aarti and Kulkarni Prakash Sneha, Perceptual and instrumental analysis of hypernasality in children with repaired cleft palate, Journal of Cleft Lip palate and Craniofacial Anamolies, Vol 3, Issue no.2.
  2. Vanaja.C.S and Patil Sunil, ASSR for Mixed Modulation using Exponential Amplitude Modulation in Persons with Hearing loss, Journal of Communication Disorders.

Published Books:

  1. Mrs. Aarti Waknis, ‘Swamagrateche Mul Boltana’ in the book titled Autism, a publication of Deenanath Mageshkar Hospital and Research center, Pune, 2014.
  2. Dr. C. S. Vanaja, chapter titled “Hearing Impairment”, in the book titled Disability Status in India, 2012, RCI, India, published by T. D. dhariyal, Member Secretory Rehabilitation council of India, Dept. of Disability , 2012
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