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Audiology and Speech Language Pathology


Research carried out in the year 2014-2015:

Topic Student Guide
Usefulness of Fukuda and Head Impulse Test in identifying the patients with vestibular dysfunction Neha Jain Mrs. Prajkta Nalat
Assessment of Auditory Comprehension Skills of Marathi Speaking School Going Children Chitnis Aakanksha Dr. Medha Karbhari
Pragmatic abilities of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the age range of 2-6 Years Gejji Anisha Vivek Mrs. Aarti Waknis
A Follow -up study of Dysphagia Recovery in Individuals with stroke. Khade Trupti Mrs.Rohini Chand Mall
Development of Auditory Comprehension Test in Marathi Language for individuals with Aphasia Kothari Kiyomi Dr.Medha Karbhari
Curriculum Based Language Skills in Hindi for Students Between 12 to 16 Years of Age Sharma Nidhi Mrs. Namita Joshi
Pre Reading Skills in Hindi Speaking Children Between 3 to 6 Years Sood Nilanshu Mrs. Namita Joshi
Association between Acceptable Noise Level and Self-reported hearing aid benefit Jayaram Priyanka Mrs. Prajakta Nalat
Relationship between Speech Intelligibility and Acoustic Parameters of Speech in Individuals with Dysarthria Post Stroke Sharon Mary Oommen Mrs. Rohini Chand Mall
Quality of Life in persons with Tinnitus Arushi Kapoor Mrs. Sharda Sarda
Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials and Acceptance Noise level in Hearing Aid Users Mangaonkar Gauri Pradip Mrs. Sharda Sarda

Research carried out in the year 2015-2016:

Topic Student Guide
An Investigation of Auditory Comprehension Deficits Among Individuals with Neurological Degenerative Disorders Apala Gupta Dr. Medha Karbhari Adhyaru
Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential induce by Air and Bone conducted stimuli Arun Kumar c Mrs. Prajakta Nalat
Dichotic Rhyme Test In Marathi Gaikwad Meeta Mrs. Varenya Kaushik
Effectiveness of Communication Abilities of Individuals with Aphasia –A preliminary study in the Indian context Gandrajupalli swetha Dr. Medha Karbhari Adhyaru
Pragmatic Development of Children with Cleft Lip and Palate from 1 to 4 years Maheshwari Deepali Ashok Mrs. Aarti Waknis
Development of Language Test in Marathi for Children between 7 to 12 Years Bhagyashree Abhijeet Salunkhe Mrs. Namita Joshi
Development of Bedside Screening Test for Individuals with Dysphagia Phalke Akanksha Arvind Mrs. Rohini Chand Mal
Sentence Recognition In Noise In Native and Non-Native Marathi Speaking Adults Yasha Balakrishna Shetty Mrs. Varenya Kaushik
Effect of Epley’s manuver on Quality of life in individuals with Benign Paroxysmal positional Vertigo Ankit Mrs. Prajakta Nalat
Modified Romberg Test in Persons with and without Vestibular Dysfunction Patil Amit Purushotam Mrs. Sharda Sarda
Speaking rate and Articulation rate of Marathi speaking typically developing children and in children with cleft lip and palate Deshmukh Tanvi Manoj Mrs. Aarti Waknis
Phonological Awareness and Early Reading Skills in English in typically Developing Marathi Speaking Children Parihar Halley Dhala Ram Mrs. Aarti Waknis

Research carried out in the year 2016-2017:

Topic Student Guide
Speech perception in children using bimodal fitting versus children using cochlear implant alone Prakash Bhardwaj Mrs. Sharda Sarda
Association of Visual Perceptual skills and Pre-Reading Skills in Typically Developing Hindi Speaking Children Between 3-6 Years Bhargavi Raman Mrs. Namita Joshi
Exploring executive functions in neurologically and cognitively healthy individuals versus individuals with stroke: A preliminary study Christina Susan Samuel Mrs. Sonal Chitnis
Effect of Advancing Age on Dichotic Listening To Words in Adults with Normal Hearing Sensitivity Kulkarni Madhura Ashok Mrs. Varenya Kaushik
Effect of years of Experience on Speaking Voice of Professional Voice Users Kulkarni Suchita Sharad Mrs. Namita Joshi
Auditory and Communication skills in Marathi Speaking children with cochlear implants Momin Zeba Kamil Mrs. Prajakta Nalat
Reading Skills in Typically Developing Marathi Speaking Children Between 6 to 9 Years Mutha Kajol Dinesh Mrs. Namita Joshi
Phonemic Awareness in English in Typically Developing Marathi Speaking children attending English Medium Schools Nellangara Neha Jose Mrs. Aarti Waknis
Verbal Fluency and Verbal Diadochokinesis Measures as an important cognitive markers in Individuals with Stroke –An Exploratory Study Nidhiya Babu Mrs. Sonal Chitnis
Effect of Dysarthria in Limiting and Restricting Individual’s Functioning in Life :Self Perception and SLP’S Perception Prathiksha Vaidhyanathan Mrs. Rohini Chand Mal
Gestural Comprehension in Aphasia-An Explorative Study RevithaThankom George Dr. Medha Karbhari Adhyaru
Auditory Perceptual Ratings of Speech Intelligibility of Dysarthria Speakers by Non SLP’S, Trainee SLP’S, and exp SLP’S, Saneer khan R M Mrs. Rohini Chand Mal
Effect of Time Compressed speech on Speech Recognition in Adults Sasanka Sekhar Pani Mrs. Varenya Kaushik
Air and Bone conducted Ocular Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials in Individuals with Giddiness Sophi Sam Mrs. Prajakta Nalat
Cognitive Abilities and Benefit of Noise Reduction Technology in Hearing Aid Users Thokala Dhatri Gangadhararao Mrs. Sharda Sarda
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